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No Gym! Quarantined due to Corona?

While staying indoors the last few days, I’ve decided to find ways to stay active to maintain the wellness of my mind and body while the gyms are closed. Family members have asked how have I completed so many steps (over 10K daily) with limited options?

Here are a few tips for wellness:

1) If you have stairs in your home use them! Apple doesn’t track flights of stairs well, but I have initiated the routine of walking up and down the stairs of my home 100x in the morning or for at least 20minutes a day.

Mock exercise routine:

10 push ups (standard or on your knees)

10 flights up and down stairs

10 squats (free standing or using a chair or bench)

10 bicep curls (if you don’t have weights use water jugs)

Repeat at least 4x each morning

2) while helping your kids with your homework STAND and walk around the table

3) while watching TV set a goal to complete 20 to 25 assisted squats each hour (which just requires you to stand and sit on the couch over and over. Or if you can’t squat, make sure that for every 30minutes you are sitting you remain mindful, then get up and walk around.

4) cleaning and disinfecting counts as an exercise. Especially mopping! (What a workout 🏋️‍♀️)

5) put on music and throw a dance party

6) if you have kids or if you are flying solo, throw on a yoga video and make goals to conquer a new position (one new one each week).

7) wake up early! I rarely wake up later than 6am and my routine is to at least be up by 5:30am. If you wait to wake up late, you will be less likely to begin and less motivated to start.

8)) repeat a meditation or mantra: “Movement is my medicine,” say that over and over and over

9) when you can and while you can, take a walk outdoors. BE MINDFUL: breathe in the air, feel the ground underneath your feet, recognize the flow of your body while you walk and honor your mobility by remaining thankful for your body.

10) lastly, eat a protein filled meal at the start of the day. My first meal is usually 4 whole eggs

11) drink half of your body weight in ounces of water or at the very least drink 11-12 glasses of water daily

12) If I am hungry past 6pm I will usually eat anywhere between 2-4 whole eggs

I try not to eat carbs after 6pm because food is energy and as I am winding down, I tell myself I don’t need the extra fuel right now because I am not going anywhere or actively doing anything.

However, be mindful of your own body! - honor your hunger, honor your fullness, eat in moderation, and choose healthy foods first

When in doubt, consult with your health care provider and be aware of your own dietary restrictions

Most importantly: write out a morning routine. Follow it and remember that lasting motivation comes from having had the benefits first. This means that committing to start before you are actually motivated will sustain your efforts. If you rely on motivation first, well, then you may not do it or you may not sustain it.

✌️be blessed!


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