Improving Mental Health with Counseling, Life Coaching and Exercise

Maria Nunley​ LPC, LADC, ICAADC, CFT

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I believe in the power of change and each person's ability to achieve progress. My approaches are most often strength based and person centered. I use motivational interviewing as a counseling method to explore goals in therapy; along with the use of counseling modalities that stem from Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Exercise as Therapy.

The combination of movement and therapy can be powerful! Many people struggle with the idea of ability. I have heard so many people say, "well what if I can't do it? or, what if I fail?" Simple movements in the moment can leave you feeling energized and empowered to do or try something new. Movement inspires us to step outside (literally), or just out of our comfort zone......and change requires movement. 

The mission of UpLift is to provide hope and encouragement that uplifts and inspires individuals to develop insight and take action.


Offering Spin Therapy and Walk and Talk Therapy


So, why use movement as a coping skill?

I became a certified fitness trainer because physical fitness is a passion of mines and I have first-hand experience using fitness as a coping skill. There is research that shows the benefits of movement and exercise. 

  • Did you know that exercise is the second skill used in the DBT TIPP skill to survive a crisis?

  • Did you know that the National Alliance on Mental Health recommends exercise as one of the three helpful approaches to treating OCD and anxiety disorders?

  • Did you know that the life expectancy of patients who suffer with schizophrenia are greatly improved by exercise? Primarily because of the regimen of psychotropic medications that are given that have the side-effect of weight gain. It is said, that patients suffering from disorders that are characterized by psychosis die 10-15 years earlier due to heart disease because of a lack of physical activity and poor nutrition.

  • Many of the cures for the mind can be tapped into by keeping a body in motion


*****In your session, movement and exercise therapy are completely voluntary*****

The goal of mental health counseling is to improve an individual’s quality of life by reducing, and/or coping with symptoms that interfere with daily living. Fitness is just one coping skill, among many others, that we can explore in counseling.


All fitness levels are accepted and no knowledge of fitness is required to engage in therapy. Traditional therapy methods are also offered

Specialties/Ideal client:

Substance Use Disorders

Chronic Pain 

Anxiety and Depression

Disordered Eating/Binge Eating Disorder

Self-Esteem Building

Mood Disorders

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Maria Nunley

Licensed Professional Counselor (CT#3281) 

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CT#1080)

Internationally Certified Advanced Addictions Counselor (5593)

Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA)

Fitness Nutrition Coach (ISSA)

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